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House System

In order to promote a healthy competitive spirit among the students to excel in studies, games, and extra curricular activities, the students and members of Staff are grouped into four houses or teams. House teachers guide and streamline the activities of the House along with the House Captains and their deputies. Inter – House sports are conducted prior to the school Sports Meet. Inter – House competitions are also held in various disciplines and at the end of the Academic Year a Rolling shield for the best House of the year is awarded.

Each team or house has a motto and values to follow that are based on the life and contribution of the patron of that team. The symbols, mottoes and values are as follows:


Motto: Courage is my Shield

Values: Truth and Courage

Feast Day: 29th September


Motto: Purity is my Honour

Values: Chastity and Sacrifice

Feast Day: 6th July


Motto: Through Service I reach out

Values: Love & Service

Feast Day: 16th May


Motto: Let my Light Shine

Values: Faith and Fortitude

Feast Day: 6th February

All the members of the teams strive to nurture and build highly committed teams for accomplishing school activities and goals, which contribute to their personal development.